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Fish Face (1 hat) - 26th May 2011

This place was great. We went there because we couldn’t get a table at Four in the Hand, and were lucky enough to get in immediately.

It’s a tiny little hole in the wall restaurant in Darlinghurst that only seats around 30 people. It has an old school fish and chip shop feel to it with the stainless steel counter and display. We were seated at the open front window sill, which meant we could watch all the passers by as well as the numerous people getting knocked back for a table.

We decided to share a few dishes. We ordered the fish and chips (had to do it), a jeruselum artichoke soup with kingfish ceviche and sauteed cuttlefish. The standout here was the soup which was rich, thick, creamy and basically amazing! The kingfish was served on the side of bowl on some kind of crispbread, which was also excellent. The fish and chips were ok, but probably only on the menu as a tribute to the restaurants origins. The cuttlefish was pretty good, though not nearly as memorable as the soup (its a shame the soup was only a special).

All in all this place was a pleasant surprise and well worth a second visit (although  next time we will order an actual fish dish). It was unpretentious and homely and the quality of the food justified the premium. The only downside is that the parking in this area is crap. Take public transport!

3/5 stars.

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