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Altitude (1 hat) - 23rd June 2011

Altitude is the first hatted restaurant we did after we decided to go from the start of the alphabet. Actually, this isn’t quite true. Ad Lib Bistro was the first hatted restaurant in the alphabet, but we haven’t reviewed this as we dined the Double Bay bistro instead of the Pymble bistro and technically the Pymble one is the hatted restaurant (make sense?). Anyway, it wasn’t very good and we’re not willing to try the hatted one just in case….

Back to Altitude. This restaurant is situated at the top floor of the Shangri-La hotel and has an absolutely amazing view of the harbour. Even better than Quay! It won restaurant of the year 2010 in the Australian Hotels Association National Awards of Excellence as well as Steven Krasicki winning chef of the year. 

We arrived at the restaurant a little early so that we could check out Bar Blu, which is just next to Altitude. The bar also has floor to ceiling windows and the same views as the restaurant. Its the perfect place to take friends or family if you’re trying to show off Sydney. 

We were one of the first seated in the restaurant. Views aside, it was a pretty stock standard set up. 

We kicked off the meal with some oysters in red wine and shallots dressing and champagne. We had a choice from 3 different types of complimentary bread. I can’t remember what they were, but they were great. We were also served a small portion of truffled cauliflower soup after our oysters while waiting for mains. Yum. The waiters and sommeliers were all very keen and helpful. 

For mains Kate ordered the Palmers Island Mulloway and I ordered the Suckling Pig. When they were delivered to the table the waitress made a point of saying “suckling pig including loins”, as if she was concerned that I’d chow down the round slice of pork without ever knowing what it was. Admittedly I’d never eaten pigs balls before, but a small slice was definitely more palatable than if they’d served up the whole ‘loin’. It tasted ok. Had a sort of pate like texture in the middle. In general the pig was very good. Kate rated the fish pretty highly. 

The desert was called Michel Cluizel dark chocolate and from memory was sort of like a chocolate fondant. It was extremely rich. At they end they served us some petit fours, which we really didn’t need but ate anyway.

To sum up - ok service, good food, great views but lacking ambience and individuality. 

2.5/5 stars. 

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